Beyond the home with Sciener Smart Lock

Most of the people know that Sciener smart locks are perfect lock solutions for the homeowners. They allow for multiple layers of access, can let in your visitors even when you are away, you can monitor the status of your smart lock battery and so forth. However, the potential of the Sciener smart digital door locks beyond the home is yet to be realized.

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The new sophistication comes with simplicity

Many professionals from around the world are falling love with the modern minimalist design. This has become evident in all parts of the home economy from the patterns in the consumption of goods to the trends in interior design.

Modern minimalist designers have embraced simplicity and need for strong lines coupled with a preference for order.

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How Sciener Smart Digital Lock works offline

There are so many of our potent and current customers that are curious of the mode of working of our smart door lock. How is it possible to grant access to guests from an app at any given time without connecting the app to the internet?

Our smart digital lock does not require connection to the internet to function. It seems to have gone against the normal but also makes the whole process of locking and unlocking quite simple.

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