How Sciener Smart Digital Lock works offline

There are so many of our potent and current customers that are curious of the mode of working of our smart door lock. How is it possible to grant access to guests from an app at any given time without connecting the app to the internet?

Our smart digital lock does not require connection to the internet to function. It seems to have gone against the normal but also makes the whole process of locking and unlocking quite simple.

Here is how it works

The mode of working for the lock is quite simple. We synchronize the smart lock and the mobile app after the lock is installed on your door. The concept of synchronization is used elsewhere in the banking sector. If you are into online banking, you are asked to key in a one-time password that is generated from a security token that you were given by the bank. The bank’s security token is not internet enabled, but it creates the codes that are accepted by the online banking system. Just as the security token works in the online banking system, we have a similar formula that has been programmed in both our app and the Sciener smart door lock. The program helps the app, and the smart lock understands each other without being connected. The Pass code that you generate from the app has a message only understood by the lock. For example in a rental door lock system, the message may be, grant access to this guest for three days, if he or she is staying in the apartment for three days.

This is how it works

  1. You start by opening the Sciener app and key in ‘Passcode’ and the put the duration of access that you have granted. The validity period becomes the message that will be understood by Sciener smart lock.
  2. The app then uses the ‘formula’ in the software to translate the message into some passcode
  3. You or any other person that you would like to grant access to the home then keys in the passcode to the Sciener Smart Digital Lock.
  4. The lock then uses a formula similar to the one used to create the passcode to reverse the passcode to the initial message as created on the app.
  5. The digital door lock then acts on the message and grants the user or the guest access to the room for the given number of days that were keyed in the app.

The methodology of working is quite simple.

The internet connection is not important because the guest or you are the one that communicated the information from the app to the smart lock via the passcode.

We have taken steps to ensure that you cannot use your app to open someone else’s lock using your app. Each Sciener smart lock formula is different from others and only communicates with its app.

That is the simple definition of how our system works to open the smart lock without the use of the internet. The actual technology is quite technical which should leave the heavy lifting to us while you enjoy the simple process. However, it is effective and secure and gets rid of keys that can be duplicated by any malicious person.