Beyond the home with Sciener Smart Lock

Most of the people know that Sciener smart locks are perfect lock solutions for the homeowners. They allow for multiple layers of access, can let in your visitors even when you are away, you can monitor the status of your smart lock battery and so forth. However, the potential of the Sciener smart digital door locks beyond the home is yet to be realized.

Guesthouses, hostels, hotels, offices, and dormitories are some of the areas where access to the rooms may be simplified by installing the Sciener smart lock. Here is how this can be done.

Sciener in guesthouses, hostels, and hotels

There are many times the guests to a hotel lose their keycard or misplace their keys. If you have been one of them, you are always scared that you might lose the key especially when you have to move out of you suite for some time. Thus, you have to keep checking whether you still have the keys or the keycard with you.

In this day and age and the busy schedules that the guests lead, the physical keys are not the best option. It is also costly when the hotel managers have to keep replacing lost keys or keycards.

We are not just talking about getting rid of the key and going digital. The Sciener smart lock is about being smart, which is enhanced by our software.

Sciener smart lock is also great for Airbnb and Homestay home rentals. When the guest confirms booking the room, we then send a unique passcode to the said guest for whom they would use for Airbnb smart lock and Homestay smart lock access. They use the code throughout their stay at home. At the end of the stay, the passcode for the guest expires. When the next accommodation booking is made, a new passcode is generated and sent to the next guest.

The same technology can be replicated in hostels, hotels, and guesthouses. Sciener can automate both the passcode and the Bluetooth key generation thereby saving the workforce and reducing the costs.

Sciener in dormitories and offices

When you remove the physical keys, you do not need to duplicate the keys to all the tenants and personnel. The ability to set timed access enables you to have access to dormitories and offices. It also allows certain rooms such as recreational rooms or meeting areas to be open at given times.

You can also use the system monitor the access logs and know who got in and when. Once a Bluetooth key is sent to the tenant or personnel, the Sciener system then makes a log of the date and time when the particular room was accessed. If the management needs to see the record, they can access it from the mobile app. This makes control and monitoring effortless with Sciener rental door lock and software.

Beyond home with Sciener

There are many more buildings where owners can benefit from the features of the Sciener smart lock systems. These includes the educational facilities where passcodes for tutorial rooms and studios can be set, hospital wards to ensure patient privacy at specific times and KTVs where access can granted for specific times.

Our smart digital door locks offer simple but effective access management at home and beyond.