The Sciener story

We, Sciener are a technology based venture company. We have partnered with Accelvo Sdn. Bhd to offer our customers a specialized door lock solution that is communicated via mobile Bluetooth.

We primarily market Sciener Smart Lock series, a comprehensive solution that is stable and safe. The smart digital door lock comes with management software and an associated app that is installed in the mobile phone to enable locking and unlocking via the Mobile Bluetooth.

We have a number of security inventions more than ten of which are patented innovations. We also own independent intellectual property rights for many other security-related inventions.

When designing a smart door lock solution, we take into consideration the safety, the convenience of opening the lock from a mobile phone as well as the style of the lock.

As a homeowner, we offer you the convenience of not carrying the keys as you move out of the house and enable you to be in control of your home from any part of the world.

Due to the convenience that we have offered the market, we have installed many Airbnb locks among the Airbnb locks. The smart door locks enable guests to move in and about and enjoy greater security without having to carry keys.

We offer comprehensive solutions for smart lock management for commercial and residential clients



You can use Sciener smart digital door lock for your bungalow, semi-detached house, condominium, apartment, and terraced house. You can use the locks for the front and back doors too.



You can use Sciener digital door lock for all types of rentals including short-term rentals such as homestay door locks, long-term rentals, and vacation rentals.



Our commercial smart lock solutions are ideal for SMEs including the retail sector, manufacturing sector. They can also be used in hotels, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and educational institutions.

Sciener uses the American TI Firm Texas Instrument Central Processing Chip.

Boosting the performance by 20%,
so that it can run tasks, such as bluetooth protocol, AES128 encryption, with low power consumption.

Reliability is the secret of our success

We have consistently maintained leadership in offering innovative and smart solutions. We maintain excellent customer experiences throughout our solutions. The reliability has earned as trust across different markets. It also continues to be driving force into other markets.